The immigration card is a document that confirms legality of a foreigner's stay on the territory of Ukraine.

It has to be filled in while entering Ukraine. You should give one part of the form to the customs officer, and keep the other one, then give it to the customs officer while leaving Ukraine.

The lack of the immigration card may be the basis for imposing a fine (extracting a bribe) by a customs officer on the border or the police on the whole territory of Ukraine.

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How to fill in

The field meant for the immigration card's number should be left empty
1. Last name
2. First name
3. Citizenship
4. Date of birth
5. Sex
6. Passport no.
7. If travelling to Ukraine - should be left empty, if transiting to another country - entering the destination country's visa no. may be required
8. Children (the ones that accompany you during the trip) - first names and dates of birth
9. Purpose of the journey - TURYZM (ТУРИЗМ, TOURISM) or TRANZYT (ТРАНЗИТ, TRANSIT)
10. City, name (and address) of the hotel / hostel (you can enter anything, the data will not be verified)
11. Vehicle registration no. (only when travelling by car)
12. Signature

Caution! Both sides of the form should be filled in. Pay attention that some field numbers from the right side are different from those from the left side.