ABBYY Lingvo 12
ABBYY Lingvo X3

ABBYY Lingvo
Description: The best program-shell for dictionaries. The full version 12 contains 128 dictionaries for 10 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Latin, Ukrainian, and Russian). In the newest edition of version X3 there's more than 150 dictionaries for 12 languages. The program can be supplemented by additional dictionaries for any languages (see below).
Manufacturer's websites:
Collection of dictionaries: English / Polish / Russian / Ukrainian dictionaries:
      – for Lingvo 12: _basic_v12.rar (599M, 2009-12-11)
      – for Lingvo x3: _basic_x3.rar (520M, 2009-12-11)
For dictionaries of other languages, see:
Detailed description of the collection: dictionaries_info_en.rtf
Installation instructions: dictionaries_installation_guide_en.rtf
How to create a dictionary and additional installation instructions: Sozdaem_slovar_v_Lingvo_v3.1.pdf
List of supported languages: Supported_Languages_v12_&_x3.pdf
More dictionaries: страница авторских словарей Ассоциации лексографов Lingvo
Lingvo.MultiKulti.Ru - словари для Lingvo / Лингво
Словари для Lingvo. Английские и русские толковые словари для Лингво
Сайт дополнительных словарей для Lingvo
Дополнительные словари для Lingvo (белорусские, чешские)
Все словари для ABBYY Lingvo (каталог, список ссылок)
Словари для Lingvo -- НетПроектЖурнал (свободно редактируемый список ссылок)
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Description: Add-on for Word, adding spell checking for 8 languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese). In some of the above-mentioned languages (including Russian) the program checks also grammar and punctuation.
Manufacturer's website:
Tłumacz i Słownik Języka Rosyjskiego

Tłumacz i Słownik Języka Rosyjskiego
Description: Polish-Russian and Russian-Polish dictionary and translator of texts, files, and websites.
Manufacturer's website:

Русский Translator

Русский Translator
Description: Polish-Russian and Russian-Polish dictionary and translator.
Manufacturer's website:
Dictionaries of Ukraine

Dictionaries of Ukraine / Словники України
Description: 5 dictionaries of Ukrainian language (inflexion, transcription, thesaurus, phraseological, antonyms).
Manufacturer's website:

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