in Rus, Russia, USSR, and its Former Republics

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PPT The Presentation
PDF Names of Currencies, Coins, Banknotes, and Sums of Money
PDF Relationships Between Currencies of Rus
PDF Currencies of Former Soviet Republics at Present
PDF Currencies of Former Soviet Republics in the Past and in the Nearest Future
PDF Changes of Currencies and Redenominations
PDF Inflation in Former Soviet Republics
PDF Ukrainian Hryvnia. Specimen Banknotes (Contemporary)
PDF Glossary


Coins of Rus
Wikipedia Altyn
Wikipedia Denga
Wikipedia Grivna
Wikipedia Grosh
Wikipedia Kopek
Wikipedia Kuna
Wikipedia Nogata
Wikipedia Rezana
Wikipedia Solid
Wikipedia Taler
Wikipedia Veksha

Obsolete currencies of the 90s
Wikipedia Soviet ruble
Wikipedia Transferable ruble

Wikipedia Georgian kupon lari
Wikipedia Latvian rublis
Wikipedia Lithuanian talonas
Wikipedia Moldovan cupon
Wikipedia Tajikistani ruble
Wikipedia Ukrainian karbovanets

Contemporary currencies
Wikipedia Armenian dram
Wikipedia Azerbaijani manat
Wikipedia Belarusian ruble
Wikipedia Estonian kroon
Wikipedia Georgian lari
Wikipedia Kazakhstani tenge
Wikipedia Kyrgyzstani som
Wikipedia Latvian lats
Wikipedia Lithuanian litas
Wikipedia Moldovan leu
Wikipedia Russian ruble
Wikipedia Tajikistani somoni
Wikipedia Transnistrian ruble
Wikipedia Turkmen manat
Wikipedia Ukrainian hryvnia
Wikipedia Uzbekistani som

Wikipedia Euro

More about Old Russian money
Coins of ancient Rus (Russian)
Monetary system and coins in 15th-16th century Rus (Russian)
Numismatics and sigillography of ancient Rus (Russian)
V.O. Klyuchevsky. Course of Russian history. Lecture 13
(paragraph "Денежный счет Правды") (Russian)

More about contemporary money
World Paper Money Image Gallery

More about ruble
Wikipedia Currencies called "ruble" (Russian)
Wikipedia Everything about ruble (Russian)
Coins of Russia (Russian)
Pictures of Russian coins and banknotes

More about Ukrainian hryvnia
Wikipedia History of Ukrainian hryvnia (Ukrainian)
Monetary unit of Ukraine in the 20th century (Russian)
Ukrainian coins and banknotes (Russian)
V. Matviyenko - "Autograph on hryvnia" (Ukrainian)
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About Karabakh dram
Karabakh dram may become legal tender in Armenia (Russian)
Karabakh introduces currency (English)
Nagorno-Karabakh puts "national currency" into circulation (English)

Counterfeiting of money
Wikipedia Main characteristics of authentic banknotes (Russian)
Description and main anti-counterfeiting features of authentic banknotes (Russian)
Forged banknote detectors (Russian)
O. Vorobey, Counterfeiting of contemporary banknotes (Ukrainian)

Central banks
Central Bank of Armenia
National Bank of Azerbaijan
National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Bank of Estonia
National Bank of Georgia
National Bank of Kazakhstan
National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic
Bank of Latvia
Bank of Lithuania
National Bank of Moldova
Central Bank of the Russian Federation
National Bank of Tajikistan
Trans-Dniester Republican Bank
State Central Bank of Turkmenistan
National Bank of Ukraine
Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Committees on Statistics
National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia
State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Ministry of Statistics and Analysis of the Republic of Belarus
Statistical Office of Estonia (Statistics Estonia)
Statistics Georgia
Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Statistics
National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyz Republic
Central Statistical Bureau (Latvijas Statistika)
Department of Statistics to the Government of the Republic of Lithuania
National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova
Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat)
State Committee on Statistics of Tajikistan
State Statistical Service (Transnistria)
State Statistics Committee of Ukraine
State Committee on Statistics of Uzbekistan

Interstate Statistical Committee of the CIS
Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat)