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    PNG - maps of the most important points en route.


  1. By train from Krakow (Main Railway St.) directly through the border to Ternopil HTML - options:

    — departure 13:40 PL, arrival 02:21 UA the next day, price 212 PLN, no discounts,

    — departure 14:39 PL, change in Przemyśl 18:50 PL - 19:24 PL, arrival 02:21 UA the next day, price 212 PLN, no discounts.

    Total ride time: from 10,5 to 11,5 hours.

  2. By train to Przemyśl HTML PNG, then by coach directly through the border HTML:

    a) Krakow (Main Railway St.) - Przemyśl (Main Railway St.) - slow trains HTML:
          — departure 04:07 PL, change in Tarnów 05:30 PL - 05:50 PL,
              possibly change in Rzeszów 07:10 PL - 07:40 PL, arrival 09:24 PL,
          — ticket price: full price 26 PLN, student ticket 16,38 PLN,
          — in case of delay of the first train, the second one waits,
          — you should always buy ticket for the whole route,
          — in Rzeszów the train to Przemyśl usually departs from platform 1,
          — more about trains in Poland HTML,

    b) Przemyśl (coach station, platform 1) PNG - Ternopil (coach station) - coach HTML:
          — departures (coaches do not operate during Catholic and Orthodox Christmas and Easter):
              – Ternopil via Lviv 11:05 PL on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,
              – Pidvolochysk via Ternopil 11:00 PL on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,
          — arrival times are not indicated,
          — due to queues at the border the ride time may vary from 5 to 8 hours,
          — ticket price: 40 PLN (tickets are sold in the ticket window).

    Total ticket price: full price 66 PLN, student ticket 56,38 PLN.

    Total ride time: from 12 to 15 hours.

  3. To Lviv, then by train, elektrichka or marshrutka to Ternopil:

    a) Krakow - Lviv HTML,

    b) Lviv - Ternopil:

          — Lwów (train station) - Ternopil (train station) - train or elektrichka HTML,
              elektrichkas to Ternopil depart in Lviv from the Main Railway St.,

          — Lwów (coach station) - Ternopil (coach station) - marshrutkas HTML.

    Total ticket price: full price from ca. 36 PLN to ca. 172 PLN, student ticket from ca. 27 PLN to ca. 172 PLN.

    Total ride time: from 9 to 15 hours.


  1. Ticket prices and timetables as of November 2009, if not marked otherwise.

  2. All train ticket prices are for the cheapest places (second class or platzkart, if available).

  3. Student discounts for train tickets in Poland are applicable only to students of Polish universities.

  4. In trains between Poland and Ukraine, Belarus or Russia there are no student discounts.

  5. It's possible to reduce the cost of train tickets for domestic trains in Poland by ca. 50% by buying a group ticket HTML HTML.

  6. More about trains in Poland HTML and in the former Soviet countries HTML.

  7. Information about Ukrainian immigration card HTML.