What to buy in a store

The cheapest alcohol in Europe can be bought in Pridnestrovie. One of the reasons for this is because this country does not have an excise tax.

The biggest Pridnestrovian alcohol producer is KVINT (short for: Konyaki, vina i napitki TiraspolaCongacs, wine and drinks of Tiraspol).

Factory outlets are located:
— a few dozen meters from the bus/train station, at Vokzalnaya Sq. (50 Lenina St.) GeoHack WikiMapia,
— a few hundred meters from the bus/train station, at the street leading from the station to the city center (Lenina St.) GeoHack WikiMapia,
— at the main street of the city (82, 25 Oktyabrya St.) – 24/7 GeoHack WikiMapia.

Examples of prices:
— Syurprizny 10-year cognac 0,5 l: 58 PRB (ca. 6 USD),
— Solnechny 5-year cognac 0,5 l: 30 PRB (ca. 3 USD),
— flavored vodkas (liqueurs) (lemon and other flavors) 35% 0,5 l: 8,50 PRB (less than 1 USD).

What can you take through the Ukrainian border

There are the following limits:
— 1 liter of vodka (or liquor, cognac)
and 2 liters of wine
and 3 liters of beer.

What can you take through the Polish (EU) border

See: alcohol in Lviv.